thank you for your interest in EducAd's Change a Life - Give a Dream.

When the co-founders of EducAd, Yuliya and Ivona, were in their teens they were very lucky to have experienced an educational trip to the UK and the USA respectively. On their return to their home countries at different times of their lives, they both developed a dream - a dream to succeed through hard work and education. First trip abroad, first friendships with peers from other countries and the enthusiastic lessons from native speakers did nothing less than changed their lives.

As then, now children from the post-soviet republics need to expand their way of thinking and open the horizons. An educational trip to the UK will help the talented children, who wouldn't have had a chance to travel abroad otherwise, understand other cultures and see the world that is not available in their homelands. Give a Dream sponsors talented children to study in a summer English school and gives them an opportunity to meet new people and help expand the perception of different cultures, religions and knowledge.

Together, we can give the child a ticket to the future, change life, give a dream.

Our first participant - Polina

"This summer I was in London, at the Heathfield Summer School. I saw other way of life. Here everything is different, style of life, culture. I found a lot of friends. I got a sea of emotions.
Many thanks to all sponsors and EducAd consulting team who organised this trip for me and supported me in everything.
Thanks to everyone who believed in me and gave me the opportunity to see the world from the other side. This trip made me think what I want in this life. And of course how to find my way to be successful and useful for other people. It was a trip I will never forget. Thank you all for my dream came true".

Criteria for taking part in “Give a dream”:

  • Boys and girls from post-soviet republics aged 14-17 years in July/August

  • Considerable achievement in sport, art, music, chess and academic subjects (winners and runner-ups in olympiads)

  • No (or very limited) history of travelling abroad

  • Good knowledge of English and a great enthusiasm to improve it

  • Readiness to support the project if you are chosen for the trip: keep a diary, take photos and videos for promoting it, share your experience with the future participants.

  • To be considered for the project, please write about yourself and record a short video in English explaining why you want to go to the summer school in England and send to together with yout last year’s school report. Good Luck!