To choose the school that will allow your children to flourish and reach their potential at every stage is a very complex and time-consuming process. The school placement service is here to offer you advice or complete service on your path to find the most suitable school.

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Pre-preparatory and Preparatory Schools

Having a good start in education is one of the biggest gifts you could give to your child. Every school has distinguishing qualities that will help shaping  your child’s character through the early years of schooling. A well-chosen preparatory school will prepare a child for life and open doors to the most sought-after secondary schools and therefore universities worldwide.

7+ and 8+ entries into prep schools are very competitive and preparation is essential. EducAd consultants have extensive knowledge about London preparatory schools and respected boarding preparatory schools.


Senior school placement

Top London day schools are among the best 20 schools in the UK which makes the entry process very competitive.  11+ and 13+ entrance exams to selective day and boarding schools are stressful for families transferring from a preparatory school or applying from overseas. Additionally, many top senior schools recently changed their assessment criteria and it is becoming more and more difficult to stay on top of preparation and the entry process. 16+ assessment is very complex, and many parents refer to a specialist for a tailored service at this point of entry.



Around 2.5 million students graduate from UK universities every year, 400 000 of which are international students.  The expertise and experience of our consultants allows us to offer a completely tailored approach to your application and support you throughout the whole process. From choosing the best course to writing a cover letter and supporting in an Oxbridge interview - we are here to assist.


Summer Schools and courses

EducAd offers a choice of high quality residential summer schools in the UK, selected for their excellent facilities and secure environments. Studying English can be combined with fashion, etiquette, movie-making, sport, horse-riding and Art. There are so many options to choose from that we are sure to meet every child's needs. 

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