Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.

William Butler Yeats

EducAd is a London based consultancy, which provides bespoke and unique services to the families looking to benefit from the education in Britain.

Why choose EducAd?

  • in-depth and comprehensive knowledge and experience of the UK private and state education systems;
  • taking the stress out of the time consuming and competitive process of applying for a limited number of school places;
  • a range of services fitting every budget: 'We can show you the path or walk it with you'.
  • assistance with academic as well as extra curriculum aspects of education such as sport, music, art, chess etc.;
  • a wide spectrum of services adjusted to individual needs;
  • guardianship provision for under 16s applying to study in a boarding school;
  • appreciation of European, Middle Eastern and former Soviet Union cultures and languages.

The company was established by two professionals who share the same passion, vision and high standards and have first hand experience in British education reaching PhD and PGCE (Post Graduate Teacher Certificate). They inspired their children to aim for the top tier national secondary schools after having finished their local state primary schools and were offered places at St Paul's Girls' School, Wimbledon High School, Lady Eleanor Holles School, King's College Wimbledon (academic scholarship), Kingston Grammar School, St Paul's School for boys and Hampton Boys School (all rounder scholarship). They work very closely with a wide network of external consultants and partners to ensure the smooth admission process of their clients.