The British Independent System

The Independent System in the term used in the UK referring to a private education whereby parents pay for their child’s education in preference of free school provided by the State System. Approximately 628,000 children are taught in around 2,500 independent schools. This is 6.5% of the children in the UK being educated in the Independent Sector.

Worldwide it is considered to be a leading example in the field of education and therefore is an attractive way of schooling for families from all over the world. Finding places in what many consider top schools is not easy. It requires hard work and research on behalf of those applying for the children. For expatriates coming into the country with small children it is astounding to learn that some schools require children to be registered within days of their birth for entry at 4 years old.

The Independent system can be split into the following categories:

Nursery – 2,5-4 years
Pre-Prep – 4-7/8 years
Preparatory – 7/8-11 years for girls 7/8-13 years for boys
Senior – 11-18 years for girls and 13-18 years for boys.

We will look at each category in turn so watch this space.

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