Clients' Feedback and Case Studies

Mike and Alice, 10 and 12

10 year old boy and 12 year old girl move from Bilingual School in New York to top selective preparatory and secondary schools in London

Max, 9 years old

9-year old boy transfers from  International School abroad to a selective preparatory school in London sponsoring a Tier 4 Visa

Alex, 8 years old

8-year old boy born in London changes schools

Maria and Nickolai, 7 and 5

7-year old girl and 5-year old boy move to the International School in Cobham from a school in Russia

Olga, 14 years old

A girl transfers from the European Union to a British Selective Boarding School at 14+, requiring a Tier 4 visa

Annie, 10 years old

Moved from a big agency to EducAd for more "personalised and caring" approach to 11+ application