Maria and Nickolai, ages 7 and 5

7-year old girl and 5-year old boy move to the International School in Cobham from the school in Russia

Family background information

The family moved from Moscow to Surrey with two small children who started to learn English in Russia but were not fluent. They wanted to keep the children together in one school, ideally in a school based on the International curriculum.


The family worked very closely with the EducAd’s consultant and as a result the children were accepted in the International school close to their new house, which they love. EducAd provided the family a suitable English tutor, who worked with the children prior to their start at the international school. They continue to receive weekly English lesson from the same tutor. Additionally, EducAd Consultants works closely with a number of Russian schools in London and hence provided the family with a Russian tutor who works with children on keeping their mother tongue.

Parents view

It was a real pleasure working with Yuliya. After the initial consultation I had a clear understanding of what the process will look like and a difficult task fo choosing the right school became a pleasant affair. Yuliya is always very precise but at the same time very pleasant and easy to deal with. She was happy to help with any question not only regarding education but also adaptation in the new country. EducAd lead the school search and placement for us with academic preparation before starting school. They carry on supporting us with tutoring, communication with teachers and advice on the educational system generally. I can recommend EducAd as reliable and professional consultants!
— Mum of Maria and Nickolai