Alex, 8 years old

8-year old boy born in London changes school  

Family background information

The parents felt that their trilingual son was not supported enough in his current school and they approached EducAd for help with finding a new school. After studying his school reports, EducAd’s consultant suggested to arrange a psychological assessment that served as the foundation for finding him a new school. It became clear that the boy did not have dyslexia as suggested by the previous school but needed a more nurturing school with smaller classes and a personalised approach to teaching. The consultant who worked closely with the family shortlisted schools that fitted his needs and accompanied the family on school visits.


The boy changed school and is thriving in the new environment. Another psychological assessment is due in two years time to decide whether he needs more support to achieve his full potential.

Parents' view

About half a year ago I have decided that the school my son was going to wasn’t the right fit for him. It was coming towards the end of winter term and I was extremely lost on what to do but wanted to act fast. It was at that time that I was recommended EducAd by a friend and it became a much needed helping hand to me! I met Yulia for a brief chat where I explained all my concerns and she was extremely understanding and knowledgeable. We then moved on to picking out the range of schools and I feel like she only put forward the ones that were right for me and my son so when I went to see them none of them were a complete waste of time. She also accompanied me to a few visits which ensured I understood which questions to ask from schools to best understand what their offering is. In the end of this process and once we finished with all visits it was very easy for us to determine which one suited best and we made the move mid year and never looked back! It was great to feel supported during times like this which gave us the confidence to do this in the middle of academic year. Now we have been in the school for one full term and he is very happy and making great progress. I am very happy with the advise and the knowledge and would definitely consider using the service again for upper school advice.
— Mum to Alex