Mike and Alice, ages 10 and 12

10 year old boy and 12 year old girl move from Bilingual School in New York to top selective preparatory and secondary schools in London

Family Background

A family with two children applied for occasional places, the boy for a selective preparatory boy school (Year 6) and the girl for a top secondary selective girl school. The children received a detailed assessment based on which the EducAd consultant applied to a number of schools that had a space available. EducAd consultant liaised closely with the schools in New York and London as a few distant assessments and interviews were arranged.


Both children got accepted to their top choice school.


Thank you to Yuliya and her knowledgeable team for finding a place at top chosen schools in London. Yuliya and her team are extremely helpful and responsive, even via Whatsapp which is really convenient when you have a question/query and are always on the go! 
We will use EDucAD consultants again without hesitation!
— Mum of Mike and Alice